Oregon Spring

I had to decide if rejuvenation was worth it.

Actually for me and for Janet. All winter I saw her parked here at my friend’s house, looking sadly the worse for wear. As I felt the same, we took it easy. I adjusted and started to unwind a bit, in this beautiful home that is full of affection, and then got reacquainted with my mechanic. We took some trips to the coast, and spring started to unfold.

In this town where I spent my formative years, I had the chance to go back to the streets and places of my childhood and early teens. Current times have are having a powerful effect on everyone, and coming full circle to this very place where I ran wild and suffered the sadness and joys of early youth, set me up for a lot of musing. After 43 years away, one of the first strangers I talked to remembered my dad from his high school days. That is a very rare occurrence now. The town also happens to be very resistant to the government and media gaslighting that the whole world is enduring. That pleases me. I have yet had to don the sign of submission to the God of Medical Tyranny in order to shop or recreate. I had not anticipated this, though it was the same in NYC. I don’t know where I belong.

Inspired by hints of rebellion here and there, I decided to get Janet spruced up and hit the road, just for a night. Central Oregon seems divided. The south coast is still uninterested in what is coming out of the Willamette Valley–or Silicon Valley. Medford was mixed but not totally in a trance. And tomorrow we’re off for a longer trip. I want to see how some other western states are really handling this.

With new paint and accessories, Janet looks almost as good as when I bought her ten years ago. She even has a new pop top with extra windows! I am attempting a health regime, and like to fancy I am starting to look spry. I’m not sure about my physical limits, but am taking things as befits an older and wiser woman. So we shall see.

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